My way...

Born in 1952 in Paris, I trained as a teacher-educator, a job I continued until 2008.

Meanwhile, during a two-year stay in a Moroccan village, mesmerized by the magnificent and luminous landscapes that surrounded me, I developed an interest in photography. Upon returning to France, I settled south of Toulouse in a house overlooking the Pyrenees. It was here that my journey towards Eastern philosophies began. One day at an exhibition I discovered the technique of collage. I took the opportunity, scissors and glue in hand, to expand my photography in a different way: depicting the dreamlike universe, parallel consciousness, abstract worlds.

Several years later, I felt the need to express my creative energy in a more physical way, and, when I met Carolyn Carlson, I decided to start painting, without abandoning collage. Still interested in calligraphy and its spirit, this naturally led my brushes to inks, for their flexibility and fluidity. But I also turned to acrylics, which allowed me not only to paint on larger surfaces, but also to explore the layered character of the medium.

Today I use these 3 techniques - collage, inks, acrylics - which supplement each other in colour, texture, manipulation, expression and vibration. So, depending on the mood of the moment, I regularly use them throughout my work.