About ...

Believe it or not, everything is changing all the time. Life is movement. A subtle balance between slow and fast. Expectation is respiration, conscience is meditation, movement is creation.

Collages come primarily from the mind whose energies help to feel the choices, the harmonies and the movement of creation. The body hardly moves, in the process of cutting out or gluing. Slowness and extreme care are of the essence.

Inks and acrylics call for the body which comes alive in the same way. Gestures become larger and faster. The whole body readies itself and at the right moment, from foot to hand, joins the brush in the act of expression. Poise and spontaneity are of the essence.

When I am creating I don't know what is going to happen. I improvise. I let my hands take over.
The act of creating is spiritual in nature. I travel from the slow and meticulous process of cutting out to the outpouring and fluid movements of calligraphy, being knowingly surprised by the result … Since I was small, I have always loved being surprised !

Balance versus imbalance, space, light, poetry, transparency, material: these are my main sources of inspiration.

And then, there is dance, and my encounter with Carolyn Carlson. We shared the same idea about light, spirituality, the need for improvisation, and a mutual attraction to oriental philosophies. She invited me to paint while she was dancing in Paris and later when performing in Seville.
Thanks to her, I discovered the joy of spontaneity, and of instinctive and intuitive gesture. Movement came alive, my brushes danced.